+ Have 2 years working in the same position and have experience in real estate.

+ University degree or higher in economics, business administration, marketing ...

Leadership, management, analysis, statistics, reporting, planning, implementation and monitoring.

+ Ability to express, present, persuade; risk management skills; customer relationship management skills; Skills training, training, staff training.

+ Ability to manage time, organize work well, under pressure.

Job description:

+ Market research, collecting, analyzing and evaluating the business line

Coordinate, manage personnel, and develop business strategies.

+ Prepare and implement the plan, implement the business policy of the company

+ Deploy customer support activities

+ Make monthly business plan / quarter / year

Responsible for reporting to the Board of Directors.

Right :

► Basic salary depends on the candidate.

►Under effect of monthly / quarterly / annual performance.

► Monthly salary 13 and the holidays, Tet.Have been visited, travel every year.

►Requirements, opportunities for advancement, income generation for talented, committed and committed people.

To fully enjoy the benefits and benefits of the employees in accordance with the Labor Law and the regulations of the Company.